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Forex Maestro Review -Is it a Scam?

Forex Maestro Review -Is it a Scam?

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With every forex software launch there is a whole bunch of reviews who hype the product up even though they actually haven’t used it. It’s true, most of the reviews of Forex Maestro online have been written by people who haven’t even tested the product thoroughly. My review is completely different, we got our hands on this software really early and have had plenty of time to run it through the wronger and what follows is our 100% honest review.


What is Forex Maestro?

Forex Maestro is the newest in the line of new forex trading robots. It is designed to function with the popular MetaTrader4 platform. It quite literally plugs into the platform and runs on 100% autopilot. All you have to do is make sure its doing ti job at the end of the week. The main benefit here is of course more free time. While ForexMaestro isn’t the first, but is it the best…

Does Forex Maestro Work?

In their sales page they make it look very impressive, huge gains and almost zero losses are mentioned. Are these truly accurate results? As we stated above we had an opportunity to play with this software and the results were quite good. We weren’t lucky enough to see such big gains as on the sales page they were certainly good enough to warrant keep using it. I feel it made the purchase well worth it.

Forex Maestro Pros and Cons

Almost all of the Forex Maestro reviews on the net outline the benefits but none of the problems. For me, the main con is also the main pro (stay with me). That is, the automatically functionality of it. This is a positive because you don’t really have to look at the software as it will do all the work for you. However this can also be a hindrance because some people dont feel comfortable leaving that much up to software. Personally I like to keep an eye on my trades, by all means use the system to benefit your own trading strategies, but I wouldn’t go on a 3 month holiday and leave it running.

Final Verdict

After extensive testing (unlike many other reviewers) we can definitely recommend the service. If you want to know our specific results and see more unbiased customer options just visit the full Forex Maestro Review.

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